Thursday, December 4, 2008

McKenna is 5!

McKenna turned five at the end of October and her (very obvious) wish was to have a princess birthday party. So, Mommy whipped up a princess castle cake (no, I will not do another one so long as I live...probably any amount of money is worth the bakery doing it special-order next time).

We decorated the house with crowns and castles and pink and purple toole and ribbons everywhere. So girlie. McKenna was in heaven. The kids got to decorate their own crowns and make princess (or race car) magnets. We had a few princess games and a treasure hunt. Everyone had a great time, even the boys who just kept asking for more cake...

McKenna continues to excel in her little Pre-K class and keeps us smiling with the jokes she makes up herself (you know, the kind with no punch line but her infectious giggle at the end of it makes everyone laugh anyway). She has lots of friends and always seeks out the little kid who gets left out. She is such a sweetie...although once in a while a bit of sass creeps out (I am sure she got those genes from Mommy.) Here is a little comparison for you. The first picture is McKenna at age 5. The second picture is McKenna at age 5 minutes! The scowl. She is so good at it. She really was born with it. We love you, McKenna.

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