Sunday, November 18, 2007

No...this is not Mexico

So every few months, I go on "externship". Which means the Dental School farms us out to community clinics in the area and we work like employees of the clinic. Well my externship site is in Oakland, and on the way home one day, we saw this lovely sight. I reached out the window with my cell phone and snapped a picture. Notice that about 80% of the car is simply hanging over the edge, and is simply secured by 2 chains. But at least he had the forethought to put on the little red safety flag, right? Amazing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've been "Tagged"

Okay, so I was “tagged” and this means that I put down 6 things about myself that people probably wouldn’t know and then I “tag” 6 other people at the bottom of my list and leave them a comment on their blogs to let them know they were tagged and to read my blog for the rules.


1-I actually won a car when I was 17. Yes, a real car, for free. Problem was that it was this BOAT-of-a-Buick! The thing was old and had dents and dings everywhere, and it could fit all who cared to join me for ice cream runs and drive-in movies. It got me (and anyone else from the whole of BYU) back and forth from home to Utah each summer and Christmas break. Due to the amount of metal around us, we were always very safe, so my parents were happy. They called it “Courtney’s Ark”.

2-I can’t stand whistling in the house or car. Dan, you can whistle while you work, you can whistle while you walk, just don’t do it in the house or car. Like nails on a chalkboard. Come to think of it though, Honey, I think I could make an exception for inside whistling if you “whistle while you wash”—as in dishes.

3-I get silly and loopy and down-right witty when it gets late. I know that this happens to a lot of people, especially us giggly girls, but my “late” is a lot earlier than most people’s (try coming over past 9pm and see what happens) and my witty side also comes out after an overdose of chocolate or ice cream. These things make me happy, what can I say?

4-I was one of three nurses that delivered a woman’s eighth child only nine minutes after she entered the waiting room on our Labor and Delivery floor. Cool, huh? No doctor, no drugs, no time. Poor lady shouldn’t have even had to pay for that hospital stay.

5-I learned to water-ski when I was five and could do pretty cool tricks by the time I was seven. Thanks, Dad!

6-I love, love, love my husband and kids, and I think that our life (yes, dental school, loans, endless streak of car trouble, toddler terrorist negotiations, and all) is pretty much a fairytale. Not in the sense that I am wishing that it was not reality, just in the sense that we are SO, SO blessed. Dan is my dream-come-true and our kids light up our home. You may be thinking that this is cheesy, but I wrote this one down since no one would think this about me from my highly-developed sense of sarcasm! So there’s the truth under the sarcasm!

I tag Dawnelle, Kristin, Angela, Emily B, Jen R, and Liz.