Sunday, February 24, 2008

She's Here!

Our little Hannah Suzanne Budd has made her grand entrance! After 2+ weeks of continuous contractions with no results, Hannah finally came speeding into this world after a fast and furious hour of labor! She was born on February 21st at 7:04pm, weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces, 21 inches long. Although we warned the nurse that Courtney goes fast once her water is broken, Hannah surprised the entire labor and delivery floor by starting to come when neither our nurse nor doctor was in the room. A doctor was literally yanked from the hallway to deliver Hannah by leaning over the side of the bed and catching her as she shot out. Hannah and Courtney are both doing great. McKenna and Jacob absolutely adore their new little sister, and Courtney is enjoying a very quick and easy recovery. We are so incredibly grateful to our Father in Heaven for the wonderful blessings of a healthy baby and healthy delivery.

I'm very proud of Courtney. She was amazing. For those interested in the movie-like details: They broke her water at 6pm to try and get things going. At 6:55pm Courtney started hitting the call button, and the nurse came in saying she was dilated to 5 cm. At 7pm the nurse was holding the head in with her hands screaming for help, at 7:02pm a doctor came running in putting on gloves, and at 7:04pm Hannah was born. At the end there it was basically a 4 minute continuous, off-the-chart contraction, which she simply screamed her way through, until Hannah came screaming out. It was intense! Go Courtney!