Monday, September 3, 2007

Day at the Park

We got season passes to a nearby six-flags amusement park called "Discovery Kingdom". It is kind of a mix between Disneyland, the Zoo, and Sea world. They have rides, and the Loony-toons characters, as well as Elephants and a Killer whale show. They have something called "Animal Encounters" where you can have up-close experiences with the Animals. You can feed the dolphins and the giraffes, you can ride the elephants, etc.

They have this Walrus exhibit that has about 4 HUGE Walruses. For some reason, every time we go, they always take an interest in Jacob and McKenna. I can't figure out if they want to play...or eat them. This time, I took some pictures. He was clapping his fins as the kids clapped hands and everything. At the end of the interaction, the Walrus started ramming the glass. (You can see his head pressed against the glass in the last picture.) Again, I'm not sure if it was play, or aggression. But we left either way.

The other pictures are from a park in San Francisco called Alamo Square that our friends the Fairbanks' told us about. It is where they filmed the opening credits for the TV show "Full House". It has great views, and the kids had fun swinging at the top of the world.