Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Letter!

Season's Greetings everyone! Here is our Christmas Letter and Photo for those of you whose address was not incredibly handy (sorry, that's my bad). This is so much easier! Love to all!

Merry Christmas!

This year has held many exciting changes for our little family! Here’s the short version.

answers to “Daddy”, “Honey-would-you…”, and now “Dr. Budd”!
accomplishments: graduated dental school with honors and began practicing in NV
adventures: camping with three small children, Disneyland, gardening!

answers to “Mama-where’s-my…” and “Honey-where-did-you-put-my…”
accomplishments: three small happy children (“clean house” not in our vocabulary)
adventures: search and rescue (of favorite toys)

age 5; sings, dances, writes, reads, twirls, giggles, draws, jumps, get the picture?
accomplishments: tying her shoes and learning to tell jokes with no punch line
adventures: pre-K classes and fieldtrips—the world is a big, wonderful place!

age 3; climbs, climbs, climbs, how about that picture?
accomplishments: learning to write his letters and numbers with Mommy
adventures: train rides, mini golfing, apple-picking

age 9 months; laughs endlessly at siblings’ antics, melts hearts with her sweet smile
accomplishments: first few words, crawls lightning-fast, stands alone
adventures: so many cupboards, so little time

We are living in Carson City, Nevada and settling in nicely. We are so blessed to be happy and healthy. We are very grateful for our family and friends and especially for our Savior. We love you all and wish you all the joys of the season.

The Budds


Jason Eldredge said...

Merry Christmas Budd (and familia)!

I hope your holidays are happy and peaceful. God bless you.

We are the Zitzmans said...

I took a sneak peak at the Christmas letter. Great picture!

mama bear said...

Thanks for the Christmas update! I'm so glad you are all doing well and enjoying life out of school. Hope you have a great Christmas!

Kevin Larsen said...

Hey Elder Budd, I have been trying to track you down for acouple of years since I lost contact with you after you left the mission I would really like to talk with you and catch up on old times my email is kmlarsen75@hotmail.com just shoot me and email and I will give you my number so we can talk. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Harmony said...

Hey, have you not put up any new blog posts since Christmas, or is my computer just an idiot???? Maybe you could send me the link again or something, because every time I come to your blog, only the Christmas one shows up! harmonyfr@hotmail.com

marissa said...

I'm hoping these comments automatically go to your email or else you probably won't get this since you haven't blogged since 2008. Anyway, we are back in the sunset ward for Jeff's fellowship and today Vincent had his missionary fairwell. I just thought you should know that he said that Dan Budd was the best leader ever to him and taught him the most important things. He talked about a lesson on prayer that Dan had taught once that Vincent still remembers and puts into practice. I can't remember his exact words, but I thought I needed to let you know because it was a great compliment to Dan. Hope everything is going great with you guys! Love Marissa North