Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Fat Blog Post

We know it has been awhile since we posted, but when we can't even go to the bathroom alone or have enough time to sit down for a half-a-second (except when going to the bathroom with one or more children present), how do you people expect us to post to our blog?!?! Someone should write to Websters and suggest that under "parenting" the antonym listed should be "privacy"! Soooo, here is a big fat posting to update everyone on the happenings...

We are all very happy and healthy, and Hannah's first few weeks have been full of adventures for the whole family. The kids absolutely adore her and "help" me with everything. Hannah is about two months old now, and she is extrememly patient and calm and has been sleeping through the night since four weeks of age. Thank you, Hannah. Hannah smiles all the time and can't get enough of watching the shinanagens her siblings put on for her. No lack of entertainment around here.

Hannah was blessed on April 13th and we enjoyed having family in town. To answer all of the questions about Hannah's middle name (Suzanne), we named her after her Great Aunt Sue and her Aunt Linda Suzanne--two incredibly faithful and positive women whom she can model her life and actions after. Here is a picture of Hannah with her Aunt Linda.

Jacob is now in the last stages of potty-training (just needing a pull-up when we are out or at night just in case), and he can climb or ride or break just about anything. True boy. He steals our heart with his blue eyes and mischevious smile, though.

McKenna still has an abundance of energy and personality. She can be the sweetest little girl in the neighborhood or she can blow us away with her sass (saved only for her parents). She comes up with some good ones. The other day she told Dan: "Now've been a good Daddy all day and part of being a good Daddy is getting me some more milk..." Hmmmm, where has she heard that? She can turn any good parenting trick against us. I am afraid her IQ may be a bit higher than mine. I think I better start reading up on parenting teenagers, any book suggestions?

We have been on a few trips to see family (grandma's, beach) and on some family outings (discovery museum, Golden Gate Bridge, steam trains in Tilden park) and to Carson to find a place to live and work after Graduation.

Dan graduates mid-June and we are moving to a cute little 4-bedroom with a big backyard. The kids are thrilled! It has a huge kitchen (I am thrilled) and a garage (Dan is thrilled). We will be renting for a year or two until we have a more steady income and then plan to buy somewhere in the Carson area. Please come visit for Tahoe beach fun in the summer and snowmobiling and sledding in the winter!!!

Dan has a three job offers for which we are currently weighing the pros and cons. One is for an associate position at a fast-paced new dental office, one is for a public-health dental clinic with lots of benefits, and one is for a buy-out of a very established practice just outside of Carson.

We feel so blessed. The Lord always provides for our little family. Although we have signed away our privacy (when exactly that happened, I am not sure), we are loving all of the ups and downs that parenting is throwing us. We are excited to be done with dental school and move on to new adventures in Carson. For those of you who keep bugging me for more pictures, there should be plenty in here to satisfy for a while. Love all!