Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jakers is 3!

Jcob turned 3 (yes, at the end of September, but here it is.) Jacob wanted a Lightning McQueen birthday party, so we had some race car cupcakes on a racetrack...

Here, let me help you take off the paper... and the candles.

Grandpa made a race track for the kids to play with!

Each of the kids painted a little race car.

A little birthday attitude from our brand-new three-year-old.

Nothin' like spending the rest of your birthday in your birthday-suit. (No guests present.)

Jacob is an energetic little jokester. According to the pediatrician, he is off the charts in his verbal skills (what's new around here) and so we enjoy listening to the kids pretend-play and hearing what they come up with. Even though Dan expresses his dismay when Jacob dresses up in full princess attire, Jake is all-boy: climbing, vehicle sound effects, rude humor, dirty fingernails, wrestling moves on any living object. His latest trick is to pretend to zap us with laser beams (complete with "psssshhhh" sound effect) if we ask him to do something which does not suit his fancy. Stink bug. We love you, Jacob.

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Lisa and Mark said...

Awww! I miss little Jacob in nursery. I'll never forget the week when Mark was trying to get Lauren or Iris to calm down, so he asked them if they'd like to pet his hand (I was like, WHAT??!!!). The girls were uninterested. Then little Jacob, from across the room, said, "I want to." Then everyone came over and started petting my husband's HAIRY hand. Ewwww. So cute, though.